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linux training in chandigarh By: Photographed In: Chandigarh Description: Linux Training in Chandigarh : welcome to join linux Training by CBitss which is Linux Coaching Institute and Web Hosting Company deals in Web Hosting and linux Server Management.

Linux Training in Chandigarh

Linux Training & Certification

Linux Course in Chandigarh By :- call us to join Linux Training in Chandigarh Sector 34 A (CBitss Technologies)

We are Open Source based Web Hosting Company deals in linux Server Implementation and network integration. Along with overseas real time live projects in linux and cloud (Open stack & AWS) we train the candidates who are seeking their career in the field of linux system and network administration. Aspirants who want to learn linux from scratch to expert level can join Linux training in Chandigarh and should have detailed knowledge of Linux along with certification.

We are redhat certified and authorized training and testing center where we are offering RHCSA, RHCE, RHCVA and all other red hat certification in chandigarh. Our advance training module and high quality infrastructure (i5-processor, 8GB RAM-total 10 Live machines in the network) makes us Best linux training center in chandigarh.

Being a web hosting company our linux administration training is designed as per the industry requirement so that students could get JOB placement easily. Along with redhat certification courses we are training the students in LAMP, WHM, Cpanel, Ticket server, SVN, Shell Scripting, Data Base and many more..

Best Linux Training Institute in Chandigarh

Detailed Syllabus of Linux Training is given below:Linux Training in Chandigarh

Part 1: Basics of Linux:

  • Directory Structure
  • Device Name Convention
  • OS Installation: GUI & CLI, Dual Boot, Kickstart, Tftp Installation, Through Nfs,ftp,http Installation.
  • Managing System Behaviour: Basic Commands, working with /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, /boot/grub/grub.conf, /etc/inittab, .bash* and some other important system configuration files.
  • CentOS, Redhat, (revised syllabus on version 7-System & Network Administration)
  • Kali Linux: an Advanced Penetration Testing Linux distribution used for Penetration Testing, Ethical Hacking and network security assessments
  • Arch Linux: Introduction to working on designing & launching new OS based on your hardware architecture.
  • Fedora & Ubuntu: working with Desktop Linux & all daily required operations in a office.

Performance based LAB driven TEST

Part 2: System Administration-1:

  • Disk Management: Practical hands on with LLF, HLF, Sector, Track, Cylinder, MBR,GPT & Inode etc.
  • Partitioning & File System: EXT4,XFS,BTRFS,GFT, Docker with Read, Write, Delete & Recovery operations in a partition (all practicals).
  • Logical Volume Manager: Configuring & troubleshooting LVM, Pre & Post Os Installation LVM setup, snapshot of LVM & graphic Administration of LVM.
  • Redundant Array of Independent Disks: Configuring & troubleshooting RAID (striping(RAID-0), Mirroring(RAID-1), Striping with distributed parity bit(RAID-5)
  • HDD as RAM: Managing Swap (extending swap & reducing swap) [swap=virtual memory]

Performance based LAB driven TEST

Part 3: System Administration-2:

  • USER Management: User group policy, default Permissions, Super Permissions(setuid,setgid,sticky bit), UMASK, Soft Link v/s Hard Link & ACL(access control list)
  • Disk Quota: User Quota, Group Quota, knowing limits(Soft Limit & Hard Limit), Inode Based & Block Based & Grace period management.
  • Backup: Regular, Incremental, Rsync, Data Compression & Designing Backup Automation Tool.
  • Automated tasks: Crontab, AT & Anacron (detailed exercises)
  • Package Management: Package installation,querying,removing through rpm, Yum client, APT-GET for Debian (Ubuntu) & make-install (binary compilation).
  • SUDO: Managing Basic user behaviour as root user.
  • Process Management: Booting Sequence, Kernel Initialization, Monitoring Processes, Terminating & Governing Processes, Setting up Priority of the Process(nice,renice).
  • Server Load: server load monitoring and management withTOP command.
  • Shell Scripting (basic).

Performance based LAB driven TEST

Part 4: Shell Scripting:

  • Looping & conditions in Shell scripts
  • echo, sed, awk, grep
  • Script Automation & Management.
  • Dialogue Utility & Zenity packages
  • Designing Backup Scripts
  • Designing Network Scripts
  • User management via scripts
  • Manage complete LAMP via self designed scripts

Performance based LAB driven TEST

Part 5: Database Administration (MySql & Maria DB):

  • Installing Mysql & Maria DB in Linux.
  • Configuring basic database structure.
  • Creating Database, table and their connections.
  • Granting rights for users to access Database over the network.
  • Backup and Restore database.
  • DataBase management via PhpMyadmin.
  • Database administration as LAMP Administrator.

Performance based LAB driven TEST

Part 6: Network Administration:

  • Basic Networking: Introduction to networking, OSI Model,IP addressing (IPV4, IPV6) & LAN establishment with unix to unix and unix to window.
  • Configuring internet in Linux: through broadband, dial-up, data card & through mobile(gprs).
  • NFS: network file sharing & resource sharing across unix environment.
  • YUM server: Setting up local YUM, FTP YUM, HTTP YUM, EPEL, REMI & RPM-Forge like YUM configuration,
  • DHCP:Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol setting up, Allocating IP, Subnet mask, default gateway and hostname, communication with DNS and other protocols.
  • FTP: Setting up file transfer protocol,user management for FTP,hands on with ftp clients, FTP security (file,user, host,network based).
  • Remote Services: SSH, Telnet & VNC (remote access services) with security(file,user, host,network based).
  • Network Installation: NFS, HTTP, FTP, Kickstart, TFTP.
  • SAMBA: Linux to window data sharing along with security (file,user, host,network based) & managing SAMA graphically.
  • Ticket Server: (OS-Ticket & ORTS) installing, configuring and managing.
  • SQUID: Proxy server setup, Blocking Websites, content filtering, Bandwidth Management.
  • Web Server: Apache installation, configuring dedicated server, shared server, user based authentication, load balancing and apache tuning.
  • NIS, LDAP: (user's liberty to sit into remote machine).
  • MAIL Server: knowing MUA,MTA & MDA, setting up and configuring POSTFIX,PO3s v/sIMAPs, Squirrel mail, accessing via Outlook, Thunderbird and evolution. Multi/virtual domain management, email security. Postfix Administration.
  • DNS: mater DNS,slave DNS with forward & reverse zone, one DNS resolving multiple domain, dynamic DNS etc..
  • Selinux: (secure enhanced linux) allowing denying all major practicals.
  • FireWall: TCP Wrapper(/etc/hosts.allow & /etc/hosts.deny), hands on with all TCP wrapped protocols, Iptables: Working with all tables, Chains and rules(insert, append, delete modify) with Backup & restore.
  • RHCE-7: Exam Preparation Classes.
  • LAMP: (Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP) setting up configuration and making it LIVE server.
  • WHM: Web Hosting Server implementation.
  • Domain Panels: Cpanel & Kloxo setting up and configuration.
  • Live Project.

Performance based LAB driven TEST

Part 7: Some other important knowledge base:

  • Switch on Remote Server from PC or mobile phone.
  • Making a local machine as a LIVE machine.
  • Working with AWS Cloud.
  • All type of CMS integration in LAMP.
  • WebMin, UserMin.
  • Monitoring Tool: Nagios.
  • Putty & TeraTerm
  • Configuring DiskLess Machine and network.
  • Working with sync, Wall, MOTD, rsh, rlogin, finger, talk and ntalk.

Performance based LAB driven TEST

In Linux, we also use PHP concepts. We can run PHP codes directly in Linux command line as well as we can also execute PHP script with Linux. So, there are some basic concepts or logics of PHP that we used in Linux. For more details about PHP, you can also visit PHP training in Chandigarh which provide you detailed knowledge about PHP programming language.

Book your RHCE Exam on RHEL 7
Course Name Exam Name (Code) Clickhere
Red Hat System Administration I - RH124 RHCSA - Red Hat Certified System Administrator (EX200)
Red Hat System Administration II with RHCSA Exam - RH135
Red Hat System Administration III with RHCSA and RHCE Exam – RH255 RHCE - Red Hat Certified Engineer (EX300)


  1. We are not JOB provider so no fake commitments, we will make you professional Linux Administrator with latest trends & technologies by which JOBs will be behind you.
  2. We do not provide demo classes, as Linux course in Chandigarh believe this is most fake process to lure the students and convince them to join the training. We are simply professional Linux experts who believe in LIVE training with real facts & figures.
  3. However we have developed special techniques to train the beginners,its all up to candidate how he/she works hard to learn the technology.

Refund Policy:

  1. If you find that the trainer is not aware about the core concepts of the technology or you are not happy with the training method, We will refund your fees paid with no questions asked. This facility is available for first two lectures.
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Linux Training in Chandigarh Linux training in Chandigarh : Welcome to join Linux Training by CBitss which is a Web Hosting Company deals in Web Hosting and Linux Server Management. Become a Redhat certified engineer by enrolling with Redhat course in Chandigarh. Call us NOW 09988741983.
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welcome to join linux Training by CBitss which is Linux Coaching Institute and Web Hosting Company deals in Web Hosting and linux Server Management. Chandigarh.

Linux Training
Rated: 5 / 5 based on 9696 Students Reviews
Rs 8500 Seats Available.
Product description: Linux training in Chandigarh is provided by CBitss Technologies. It is a best place for learning Linux in Chandigarh.

Linux Training in Chandigarh

Linux training in Chandigarh is provided by CBitss Technologies. It is a best place for learning Linux in Chandigarh.
Linux Training in Chandigarh Rated 5/5 based on 9693 reviews

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